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3 definitions of digital marketing

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3 definitions of digital marketing

Currently, an advertising campaign is incomplete without a good digital marketing strategy . It matters because consumers are hopelessly hooked on social networks Ghana Phone Number List, e-commerce and the information possibilities provided by the internet and their mobile devices.

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It is also in charge of studying and translating the influence that social media has on a product: how much do they share your content, how much have you gone viral, how far has your campaign reached. Here are three definitions that will help you better understand what digital marketing consists of Phone Number List, although on this occasion, almost everyone agrees on the definition, in which there seems to be little room for metaphor.

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Alex Chris, from Reliablesoft.net, who has been in charge of providing SEO and marketing services since 2002, defines it as “ building awareness and promoting a brand using all available digital channels: Web, SEM (which includes SEO and the pay-per-click advertising system), smartphones, mobile markets (Google Play, Apple Store), email marketing, online advertising banners and social media ”.

In the Business Dictionary, marketing digital is defined as “the promotion of products or brands through various means of electronic media. The media that can be used as part of a business’s digital marketing strategy can include promotional efforts via the internet, social media, mobile phones, electronic billboards and also through television and radio ”.

Techopedia, the virtual encyclopedia expert on business issues, defines digital marketing as a “term that refers to different promotional techniques focused on reaching customers through technological means. The marketing digital has an extensive range of services, products and marketing techniques for the brand, which generally use the internet as the main promotional media, in addition to rational TV and radio. Digital marketing is also known as “internet marketing” but its current processes differ, since digital is considered more oriented to certain sectors, more measurable and more likely to be interactive “.

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