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3 curious facts about online shoppers

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3 curious facts about online shoppers

When internet chats became famous, one of the things that was most talked about was the warning of never knowing who was on the other side, which could be dangerous. Returning to the idea that we do not know what happens to the person in front of the computer Cyprus Phone Number List, Paypal conducted surveys to find out the habits of its consumers and some results were quite curious, such as the number of people who buy naked, or the reasons why that they no longer leave their house.

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With the help of the firm Reputation Leaders, they surveyed 4,525 consumers between the ages of 16 and 64, in nine countries, based mainly on the consumption Phone Number List of the holidays, which is when the market explodes.

1. 11% of online shoppers surf to make their purchases completely naked , while 33% of them are wearing their pajamas.

2. 15% of consumers consume alcohol while shopping .

3. Most of those who used to buy abroad, have stopped doing so because of bad behavior from people. More than 60% of consumers saw violent episodes of violence during traffic, more than 50% stopped by strangers pushing in the lines, or found motorists parked in places for the disabled. They also find it repulsive to see other consumers yelling at department store employees.

Based on these curious behaviors we can deduce that one of the advantages for online consumers is the complete comfort and freedom they have during the purchase, in addition to avoiding unpleasant situations. 86% of these consumers also stated that they make purchases through a mobile device, which seems to be a wake-up call for stores to polish this feature.

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