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3 common mistakes brands make when implementing a video marketing strategy

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3 common mistakes brands make when implementing a video marketing strategy

In 2014, digital video ad spend increased 30.3 percent, according to ComScore. México, DF – In 2014 advertising investment in digital video increased 30.3 percent , according to ComScore data Latvia Mobile Database; In addition, the penetration of laptops is equivalent to 70 percent , followed by 62 percent in smartphones and 35 percent in tablets.

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As far as content is concerned, video is the best of all, as it also has a high level of attraction, fun and informs. According to Cisco, in 2016 video playback will generate 67 percent of web traffic.

This rise in the visual trend has caused a greater number of companies to bet on using this type of content, however, many times they do not know how to implement an adequate strategy Brother Cell Phone List; That is why we mention the 3 most common mistakes that brands make when entering the world of videos.

1. They do not have a clear message
The main thing is to define exactly the message that you want to convey to the audience, it can be from an idea, that the appropriate content is generated, and thus obtain the desired reach.

2. Their objectives are not clear
The objectives vary according to the product or service, the brand, the campaign, etc. It is important to define if the strategy seeks to increase sales, generate followers, create engagement, or simply inform.

3. They do not use the appropriate platforms
Today, there are many programs that allow making and broadcasting videos, however the adaptation of videos to each platform and device is essential to penetrate the audience, since the format, size and duration of each video must be adjustable to each mobile instrument.

In this regard, Gabriela Jauregui, Marketing Director of Smart clip, comments: “Each brand has a solution for each need.” In other words, the needs of the audience vary for each company, since the objectives and profile of its audience are different for each brand; the important thing is to find the solution for each one, and thus develop the indicated strategy.

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