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25 Essential Strategies for the Community Manager

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25 Essential Strategies for the Community Manager

We are very lucky to have received the advice of a Community Manager of 22 specialists. In this article we analyze your responses and summarize the most important ones. Many agree on very important actions and strategies in Social Media for this year 2014. uk database contact Our Referents in Social Media have shared with us their advice for the Community Manager in 2014 . uk database contact It is highly recommended valuable content for those of you who manage a brand or company on the Web. uk database contact he profession of Community Manager is always in continuous evolution and from now on we are going to incorporate into our courses everything that we learn here from our Referents.

Let’s start with the Strategies that most experts have agreed on. We also think that they are very important. uk database contact If you think you can contribute any more, we await your comment.1. Create Content of Value: SEO Copyrighting  uk database contactThis is the recommendation that most references have suggested to us: uk database contact Vilma, Jose Mª, Sale, Juan, Carlos… We are equally convinced that Believing and Betting on valuable content is the main strategy for this year 2014. uk database contact Content Marketing is changing the internet and the way of advertising. Stop thinking about your commercial content and focus on adding Value. 2. Know the company and consumers.

uk database contact

More than 8 specialists have considered it very  Gambling Email List important to know very well the company, uk database contact  its sector and the type of consumer they are targeting. It is probably one of the first things a Community Manager has to do in a company. Start by doing a big analysis of the sector and its strategy on the web. 3. uk database contact Establish KPIs and scorecard: To measure it will be essential that you set some KPIs that will help you see what objectives you are meeting and which ones you need to work more on. uk database contact Through a dashboard you can view all the variables in a simple way and thus focus on decision making. Support Services4.

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