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15 things you do since the arrival of social networks

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15 things you do since the arrival of social networks

Undoubtedly, social networks came to change some habits of the human being, since since the birth of these platforms, people’s behavior has changed, some positively and others not so much. According to a study carried out by AMIPCI, 9 out of 10 Mexicans access a social network Iceland Phone Number List.

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Based on this we present the 15 things that social network users do after the arrival of these

1.-Congratulate friends, acquaintances or family on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
2.-Ending relationships by stalking on social networks Phone Number List.
3.-Check your social networks while you drive.
4.-The photos of trips, concerts or events are no longer saved in an album, now you share them on social networks.
5.-You share photos of each food or drink that you are going to consume during the day.
6.-Create a profile for your pet on facebook or instagram.
7.- You meet and interact with more people.
8.- You interact more with the social networks of the brands.
9.- It increases the ease of complaining about services, brands, traffic, time, etc.
10.-You share your moods, if you are happy, angry, sad and so on.
11.- You are more informed about relevant events. News immediacy.
12.- You share with your followers the “ check in” location of your activities for the day.
13.- You know more about the lives of your friends and acquaintances thanks to social networks.
14.- You are aware of the working life of your contacts or followers.
15.- You know the sentimental status of your social network contacts

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