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15 Steps to install and configure WordPress on your server

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15 Steps to install and configure WordPress on your server

Hello, this is a step by step guide to install WordPress on your server. uk phone database If you are thinking of making the leap from free WordPress to professional, this guide is sure to help you a lot.uk phone database Our students all blog on WordPress.com and don’t need to do these steps, but our Advanced WordPress Course students do. uk phone database In our Community Manager Course all students create their blog on WordPress.com. For this it is not necessary to have a hosting or do all these installation steps. In 20 minutes each student has created their blog. But in case one day you dare to create your website on your server, here are the most important steps to install WordPress on it. In our face-to-face WordPress Course and also in the WordPress Online Course, uk phone database we do follow these steps.

If you are new to WordPress and still do not know all the functions, I recommend that you take a look at our WordPress Manual . uk phone database Pre-installation steps for WordPress domain1. uk phone database Register the domain for WordPress We will be able to do little if we do not have a domain, an address that users can type in their browser to come visit us and browse our content. uk phone database So the first thing is to decide which domain name to use, with what extension (.com, .as, .org…) and where we are going to register it. For positioning it is advisable to use the .com although we can choose some other variant. Do a preliminary study on the competition you have for according to which words and try to avoid hyphens and names that are difficult to memorize (the same thought of Google in its day, uk phone database  so don’t pay too much attention to me.

uk phone database

you can use your own name. uk phone database It is quite common Gambling Email List to register domains with a company (Think Solutions, Plusdominios, uk phone database OVH, etc.) and use another service provider for hosting. This allows you to centralize all your domains in one place and to be able to move your pages to different hosts without making domain transfers, which cost money. uk phone database Remember that since you register a domain you must wait 60 days to be able to move it to another registrar. uk phone database WordPress hosting2. Hosting for WordPress Once we have a domain for WordPress we need a hosting, uk phone database a folder with a certain space hosted on a reliable server and that ensures 100% availability, uk phone database that is, that our website is always accessible.

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