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15 specialists tell the best Digital Marketing strategies

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15 specialists tell the best Digital Marketing strategies

15 experts reveal their tricks and what they consider to be the best digital Marketing strategies in the coming year. Each one summarized their contribution at the III Annual Meeting of Marketing Agencies, mobile phone country list with more than 100 agencies and more than 300 attendees. The event was held at the Circular de Belles Artes in Madrid and was attended by the best professionals in the sector. In between the debates and the lectures, mobile phone country list the speakers had some time to highlight what was most important to the camera. We leave you with the video and then we have detailed each of the points they deal with. The first advice for those companies that want to dedicate themselves to this world is specialization. mobile phone country list That their contents are of the highest possible quality and are aimed at a specialized audience , that is, that they position themselves in a market niche. It is also important that you know your audience to win it over.  mobile phone country list The big news in this sector are the new social networks such as Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook live.

A good tip for marketing companies is the differentiation of the content, for this one of the keys may be Amazon. It is the third search engine behind Google and YouTube. mobile phone country list Content in book format is also very powerful for some businesses. The audio content or podcast have the advantage of retention and loyalty are ideal for the potential customer. It is important to be able to integrate the new social networks (Snapchat and Periscope) in the strategies of the brands. mobile phone country list Perhaps not all brands are yet ready to work with them since the user is still not used to this type of network. Another valuable tip would be to surround yourself with the best specialists in the sector. mobile phone country list In the world of Online Marketing we can find more than 20 specialties, it is important to have a superficial knowledge of everything, but logically it is best to specialize in one of these branches. One of the keys to Online Marketing today is the user experience , mobile phone country list we must focus on this idea any type of action. On the other hand, content is essential.

mobile phone country list

These contents must be adapted to the interests of the users. mobile phone country list Within the content, the video format is the one that is sweeping, which is why many social networks are emerging with Snapchat and Periscope. Nor can we forget about mobile applications, more and more the user prefers to use this type of device. IN the last year, Gambling Email List mobile phone country list new social networks have been broken into, which are gained by many users such as Snapchat or Periscope. mobile phone country list But the more traditional networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram continue to make adaptations and continue to include news so as not to be left behind. Talking about networks that are going to unseat others is quite complicated, the future is quite immediate and we are not risking it. This year there are many trends in networks, mobile phone country list we can highlight the live videos of Periscope or those of Facebook Live. The immediacy is something that both premium content and responses, ie in the management of social networks. Users are very used to having things here and now, you have to be open and give an immediate response in networks. mobile phone country list Advertising on social networks is growing a lot, the subject of segmentations by public will increase a lot,

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