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15 pages to download royalty-free music

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15 pages to download royalty-free music

Don’t throw away all your audiovisual work by not using royalty-free music. uae telephone present you a list of web pages where you can find the perfect melody for your work, without complications. We also present several banks with sounds for your creations. Are you clear about the copyright-free concept? uae telephone Do you know what pages we can use to find free music? 10 21Some concepts before downloading music Before getting into the download pages I think it is interesting to be clear about some clear concepts related to copyright . We are dealing with a delicate subject with many ramifications, so it does not hurt to know a little about the law before starting to download. We must cover our backs and above all be ethical with creators. What is copyright? uae telephone In our country the law calls copyright as intellectual property right .big-icon-2-13 The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports defines intellectual property as “A set of rights that correspond to the authors and other owners (artists, producers, broadcasting organizations .

with respect to the works and services resulting from their creation.”uae telephone  Under this law, artists and musicians safeguard their interests in case of copying and dissemination of their work. We need to know that if we copy (for profit) or distribute copyrighted music, we are breaking the law . You can see the text in the Official State Gazette . uae telephone But it’s nice to know that a copyrighted work has expiration. The rights remain for the life of the author and 70 years after his death. So we will be able to download your music once that time has elapsed and as long as it is not under any other right. uae telephone And the public domain? All works that are not under copyright protection are in the public domain. That is, we can use them legally and freely . As we have said before, the work that is under copyright has a duration. Once 70 years after the death of the artist, the work passes into the public domain. uae telephone (as long as you have not transferred that right) Canon digital It arrives in controversial digital canon. Article 31 of the intellectual property law reflects the right of private copying.

uae telephone

This right allows us to make copies of works as long as it is non-profit. Gambling Email List  uae telephone But the controversy appears with the word “Canon”, since as this copy is taken for granted, the law introduces a payment to compensate the authors. The canon is found in items such as CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, cameras, recorders, photocopiers . uae telephone What is a Creative Commons license?big-icon-2-21 And is that not all creators agree with the phrase “All rights reserved”, from this base arises a non-profit community that promotes and disseminates “No rights reserved” licenses . uae telephone Perhaps closing doors to your work prevents its wide dissemination, and with this philosophy the authors who offer their works under Creative Commons license have a clear vision of disseminating as much as possible beyond economic interests. It has been proven that works with all rights reserved do not leave absolute freedom when exhibiting your work. uae telephone Normally, the only thing we have to do if we want to download music with a Creative Commons license is to mention the author within our work, but let’s not forget that it may be under another type of license, read very well what are the characteristics of those licenses.

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