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13 tips for writing an eye-catching subject line in your email marketing campaign

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13 tips for writing an eye-catching subject line in your email marketing campaign

They are only a few characters, but the truth is that the subject line of an email marketing campaign is key to attracting the attention of the recipient and getting them to open the email, because, if the message is not attractive, they will end up sending it to The trash Croatia Mobile Database. Moreover, according to certain studies, more than 35% of recipients open their email solely motivated by the subject .

So what does a subject line need to look like to hook the recipient? The ebook “Email marketing for beginners” , prepared by MDirector and which can be downloaded for free at this link , offers 13 tips:

1.- The most important thing, at the beginning. The first 30 characters are vital .

2.- It must be clear and brief, without exceeding 50 characters .

3.- Original, striking and reflecting the content of the email .

4.- Beware of using spam words . Avoid, if possible, words like: free, 100%, offer, buy now, important, click, etc.

5.- Do not include many signs Brother Cell Phone List. Avoid exclamation marks, periods and so on.

6.- Asking a question can be an effective resource.

7.- It is important that you include a call to action : sign up, register, visit, etc.

8.- It should not be formulated in capital letters .

9.- Under no circumstances should the subject line be left blank .

10.- It must be personalized , so that the recipient feels that they are speaking to him.

11.- It must generate expectation .

12.- An allusion to the limited time of the promotion may be effective .

13.- Think: would you open an email with a subject like this? Put yourself in their shoes .

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