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12 interesting facts that you cannot miss about Instagram

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12 interesting facts that you cannot miss about Instagram

With 150 million active users around the world, Instagram ranks as one of the most important social networks within the communication dynamics of digital users. Through various filters vintages as well as different editing tools, this mobile social network has managed to captivate not only brands and users but also important consolidated companies such as Facebook , Australia Phone Number List company that bought Instagram almost two years ago for a billion dollars.

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Marketing and advertising already find in this platform an important point of contact with large audiences, so knowing its dynamics and main characteristics is vital to take advantage of the potential of the social network in terms of commercial communication Phone Number List.

In this regard, we collect 12 interesting facts that you may not have known about Instagram :

1.- 39 percent of Instagram users are between 16 and 24 years old.

2.-By mid-2013, the average time spent by Internet users on Instagram reached 257 minutes .

3.-Of the Instagram users, 37 percent have never uploaded a photograph .

4.- 68 percent of the members of the social network are women .

5.- Sundays are the most effective days to post on Instagram.

6.-The big brands have more activity on this platform on Thursdays .

7.-When talking about filters, Mayfair is the one that generates the most comments and “likes”.

8.-The number of interactions increases up to 24 percent when blue predominates in the color range of the photographs .

9.-By October of last year it was estimated that 35 million selfies had been shared on Instagram .

10.-Of the Instagram mini-videos 9 out of 10 are shared on Facebook.

11. -Nike, Starbucks and the NBA are the most popular brands on Instagram.

12.-The total audience of the first Instagram ad had an audience of 6.15 million users .

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