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100 Apps for Community Manager and Online Marketing

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100 Apps for Community Manager and Online Marketing

I want to share with you this compilation of 100 mobile applications that will facilitate your Marketing and Social Media tasks. us mobile number database For the Community Manager it is essential to have resources to carry out their work, receive alerts, create content and publish from outside the office or workplace. us mobile number database How many marketing apps do you carry with you?us mobile number database mobile devices are becoming more and more important in the creation, us mobile number database development and monitoring of Online Marketing campaigns.

For community managers and professionals in the sector, us mobile number database it is great to have good tools on hand on our mobile or tablet. We have selected the best mobile apps that exist today and we have grouped them according to their use and functions . us mobile number database If you click on the iTunes or Google Play icons, us mobile number database you can install them directly on your Android or IOS device. It is one of my favorite applications, since you can get a lot of use out of it as a curator and source of content. us mobile number database It allows you to add and classify your favorite sources of information according to your own interests, us mobile number database topics and opinions.

us mobile number database

From the same application it is possible to easily share the most recent Gambling Email List content and the latest publications of your favorite blogs through social networks: Facebook,us mobile number database  Twitter and Google+. us mobile number database It is also compatible with schedulers and automatons such as IFTTT and Buffer, anIt is the social network for slides and content par excellence. It allows you to upload PowerPoint files and make them visible on the web in an attractive format, us mobile number database easy to read on mobile devices and to share on social networks. Also, it gives you viewing statistics, us mobile number database you can download the material (if you authorize it) and make or receive comments. us mobile number database Two other possibilities that SlideShare offers you are:

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