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10 trends that will rule influencer marketing in

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10 trends that will rule influencer marketing in

Remarkably diverse opinions hover around influencer marketing . china mobile phone number  While some call this discipline absolutely “essential”, others view it with much more skepticism and do not hesitate to describe it as “superfluous”. There are those who are convinced that influencer marketing is a mere “hype” china mobile phone number and that it will die sooner or later. There are others who are not so sure of his death, rather they believe that the trend will evolve. Rumors aside, what will drive influencer marketing designs over the next few months? The influencer marketing platform Ricebird has taken the time to answer this question and interviewed 15 experts based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. china mobile phone number From the responses of these 15 experts, it can be inferred that influencer marketing will continue to be strongly rooted (despite criticism) in marketers’ strategies for next year .

It will, yes, moving at the mercy of not a few changes, china mobile phone number those evidenced in the 10 trends identified below by Rearchbird in its report: 1. Influencers will make good use of their networks to ostensibly expand their influence. 2. Managing relationships with influencers will be an inescapable part of companies’ marketing strategies. 3. china mobile phone number Collaboration between influencers and advertisers will gain transparency, trust and sincerity . 4. Influencer marketing, likely to reach adulthood in 2020, will gradually move away from the classic product placement to cling to campaigns of a more strategic nature . 5.  china mobile phone number Brands will begin to use influencers as (extraordinarily wise) market research tools . 6. The selection of influencers by the advertisers will continue to be indebted to the constant and sound data .

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Strategic objectives and reporting data with a focus on influencer Gambling Email List  marketing will (finally) become measurable . china mobile phone number 8. The influencer will start to spread his tentacles on platforms like TikTok and Pinterest . 9. Among the many types of influencers , athletes will have a special role , china mobile phone number who will act as opinion leaders (thanks to their overwhelming authenticity). 10. Influencer-generated content will enjoy a splendid second life through paid ads . china mobile phone number Last News What is the degree of satisfaction of the Spanish with the premium services? Has traditional advertising died? 5 tips to increase online sales in summer

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