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10 SMS Marketing statistics that will blow your mind

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10 SMS Marketing statistics that will blow your mind

The potential of SMS marketing is huge, how to get indian number and these are the reasons why it has become so popular in recent years. Marketing is a science that takes advantage of numerous channels to bring any idea, product or service of a company or any entity to a specific audience. how to get indian number With new technologies, digital marketing has been one of the great exponents of how the internet and marketing can go hand in hand and show tons of ideal creative ideas to bring brands closer to users. how to get indian number But, in recent years there has been an increase in a type of marketing that seemed impossible to sustain. SMS Marketing or SMS Marketing is gaining enormous force . The reason? The truth is that there are many, and we will see the most important below. how to get indian number The 10 facts that demonstrate the potential of SMS Marketing The potential of SMS marketing is huge .

We must bear in mind that the audience that exists through this channel is gigantic, and that is that mobile phones accompany us everywhere on a daily basis. how to get indian number There is no one without a smartphone in their pocket or nearby . For this reason, marketing agencies know that it is an area that must be exploited to the maximum. how to get indian number There are many companies that offer the service today  how to get indian number , and some of them are really good at it. But, what is the reason for giving so much strength to such an old contact channel for campaigning? That is something that we are going to leave up to the numbers and the data. Next, we leave you a compilation with 10 amazing statistics of SMS Marketing courtesy of Yechury among others: how to get indian number 1 Has a gigantic audience The data leaves no doubt.

how to get indian number

Worldwide there are a total of more than 3.5 billion people Gambling Email List who can send and receive short text messages , SMS. This type of marketing has, therefore, how to get indian number the ability to bring companies closer to a huge audience. 2 – A safe channel to reach adults Today, more than 90% of adults in all parts of the world have a mobile phone or a smartphone . how to get indian number Thus, any firm that has this audience as a target has it perfect. how to get indian number 3 – Target more responsive All digital coupons that are usually sent by email have a redemption ratio of between 0.5 and 2%. In the case of SMS, this ratio is multiplied by 5. how to get indian number The current average number of users who redeem the coupons that come to them by SMS is 10% . 4 – More influence on the purchase intention With an audience that continues to grow, this data is most curious.

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