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10 professions with advantages to work in Online Marketing

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10 professions with advantages to work in Online Marketing

After having trained more than 500 Community Manager students, buy usa number we have come to the conclusion that there are certain professions with an advantage when it comes to contributing or recycling in Online Marketing. buy usa number Today we are going to see what skills and knowledge complement, enrich and give a strong base to work and recycle in the different communication and online marketing profiles of companies. If you work or have training in the field of communication, the marketing or classic design , buy usa number you’ll probably easier to bring in Marketing and Communication Online. buy usa numberThis is the conclusion we have reached after years of experience preparing more than 500 students in our school.

In this time we have detected that people who come from journalism , buy usa number advertising and audiovisual communication have an advantage when writing a good blog, managing social networks, buy usa number doing search engine positioning and generating content and conversation . buy usa number We know and they tell us that many of them excel at practices that they do at the end of the course or that they soon get a job. But they are not the only valid profiles to carry out this work.  buy usa number Discover the 10 lifelong professions that have the most advantage to contribute in Online Marketing or be a great Community Manager.

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And of course there will be many more. buy usa number We invite you Gambling Email List to add together in the comments. Back in the ‘ 1.0 era ‘, content was only created and disseminated by the media . buy usa number But since we have entered the 2.0 world, anyone from home can generate information and share it with the rest of the planet. buy usa number The communication landscape has changed a lot (and continues to do so by leaps and bounds). Companies are beginning to realize the enormous power of the Internet to publicize their services and products. And, above all, buy usa number they begin to see that the best way to reach users and capture their attention is by offering valuable content: useful, interesting and entertaining. And who better so far to create valuable content than journalists.

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