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10 motivational content marketing phrases

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10 motivational content marketing phrases

The marketing industry is today essential for the growth of companies, it is also a great generator of jobs.
Mexico.- The marketing industry is today essential for the growth of companies, it is also a great generator of jobs. The Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI) states that in 2013 around 600 million dollars were invested , only in digital marketing Portugal Mobile Database and that in 2014 the number of Internet users in the country exceeded 51 million .

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The correct implementation of strategies is identified with the value of the brand and the motivation that the company has for its value Brother Cell Phone List.

We give you 10 content marketing phrases that industry experts offer to stimulate your initiative.

1. ”Stop selling. Start helping. ” Zig Ziglar

2. “Give them quality. It is the best type of advertising. ” Milton Hershey

3. “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.” Milan kundera

4. “We can only make the right decisions if we know how to analyze and interpret the data.” Avinash kaushik

5. “All content must be excellent, causing others to want to share it.” Joe pulizzi

6. “Above all, you have to create something that you are proud of.” Richard Branson

7. “Our job as marketers is to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do it.” Bryan eisenberg

8. “Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information, than on sales power.” Philip Kotler

9. “It takes a day to learn marketing. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master it. ” Philip Kotler

10. “Good marketing makes customers buy when they had no idea they were going to buy.

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