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10 key android apps in digital marketing

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10 key android apps in digital marketing

Digital marketing is synonymous with metrics and daily supervision, websites, social media campaigns and email marketing require constant monitoring. In many cases the only way to really be on the lookout is through mobile tools, apps have become allies in the execution of digital marketing Georgia Phone Number List. Selecting the best is complicated work; However, we have given ourselves the task of choosing those that we consider can help the most in this strategic work.

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The challenge, of course, is to deliver options that work with more than one platform, that is, that go beyond service providers. Having the Facebook, twitter or Pinterest application is of little use if the objective is to have data in one place and at hand. The categories are diverse and can include analytics apps , social media management or content managers. What is clear is that the best options are those that are flexible and have enough room to grow in the future, as well as those produced Phone Number List by companies with a reputation that allows them to survive in the long term in the competitive mobile software environment.

1. G Analytics
This application allows you to track Google Analytics accounts, although there is a free version of Google, this program has hourly behavior graphs that are key in minute-by-minute campaigns.

2. 1Password
This application is the ideal companion for any digital marketing executive, with a master password it is possible to save all site keys, credit cards and PINs to mention just three. What makes this app interesting is the ability to sync via Dropbox to your laptop or iPad.

3. App Annie
This app is a complement to the AppAnnie.com service, a site dedicated to monitoring mobile applications on Android, iOS and Amazon. The tool is an ally in understanding the downloads, geographic growth and sales of these small programs.

4. Push Bullet
Sending information to our phone involves in many cases creating an email or using an SMS. With this app it is possible to send text files, contacts, maps, work lists or links to your mobile phone and it will appear in the notifications section. The idea is to eliminate the time between finding a piece of information and having the information at hand.

5. App Lock
According to a recent study by the Gartner consultancy, the main corporate security risk is careless handling of mobile devices. With this app you try to solve the problem. Once the application is installed on the Android phone, it is possible to block certain functions or programs of the smartphone , for example, SMS, WhatsApp or your contacts.

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