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1 in 4 Mexicans will have a smartphone in 2014: new opportunities for marketing

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1 in 4 Mexicans will have a smartphone in 2014: new opportunities for marketing

During 2013, the number of Mexican smartphone users grew by almost 50 percent.
Mexico DF-. At the end of the first quarter of 2013, the firm The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) claimed that in Mexico there were 101.3 million active mobile lines, which was equivalent to 85.6 percent of the population using this service Spain Phone Number List. Speaking of mobile phone operators that operate in Mexico, Telcel concentrated 70.3 percent of mobile lines in the nation, followed by Movistar (19.0 percent), Iusacell (6.8 percent) and Nextel (3.9 percent)

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These figures, which are expected to grow significantly during this year and the next, speak of the growth of the mobile market in the country, which is driven by the increasing supply of smartphones that are available to more social strata.

During 2013, the number of Mexican smartphone users grew by almost 50 percent with what is expected that this year the market will increase by more than 6 million people thanks to which more than a quarter of the population will have a device of this type, according to the consulting firm eMarketer Phone Number List.

More opportunities for marketing
Considering this panorama, the growing penetration rates of smartphones in the country mean new opportunities for marketing to reach more people in a creative, close and personalized way, taking advantage of the tools as well as the resources that “smart telephony” makes available .

It is not for nothing that investment in mobile advertising is expected to grow by 87.7 percent for this year to reach an expenditure of 173 million dollars, which places Mexico as the leading country in investment within mobile.

For brands to be able to take advantage of the relevance that smartphones have among Mexican consumers, it is necessary that they invest more resources not only for the design of communication strategies adapted for this channel, but also in research tools that allow determining the Way in which these devices can contribute to the growth of each brand, taking into account the habits, needs and interests of each target audience through precise segmentations.

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